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  Tianjin Veyron ancient garden Building Decoration Engineering Co. was established in June 2005 with a registered capital of 6 million yuan, ancient buildings of three qualified professional contractor company employees 160 people, professional and technical management staff more than 20 people. Was a collection of ancient buildings repair, paint painting, antique architectural design, landscape planning and design, construction, and Chinese classical decoration in one professional integrated enterprise company has to undertake repairs Dule Temple in Jixian, Tianjin, Yuyang streets repair painting works, Drum Tower Square renovation and expansion project, Tianjin Ann Regan church repairs, Tianjin Yuantong, Yaowang design and construction, willow Ming and Qing Street, station training park, Huizhou City recruitment office landscape architecture landscape engineering, design and construction of Jizhou Hall courtyard. outside Fu projects include Beijing Forbidden City, Summer Palace, repair and painting painting works, Shandong Leling antique mall construction design, Tang toll stations in Shanxi antique steel design projects, and is the "China National building Research Council" as "the Chinese nation's fine architecture" by local government officials and experts spoke highly of ancient architecture.

  Liu Chang, general manager with the staff in the role of traditional expertise, based on adherence to the "customer first, quality first, abide by the contract" for the purpose of creating high-quality project, establish a corporate image glory achievements!

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